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What makes a movie eternally rewatchable? You know what I mean. There are some movies that no matter how many times I’ve seen them, if I stumble upon them while flipping channels, I will watch them again. It doesn’t even matter if I catch them somewhere in the middle. That’s probably why those movies appear on TV so often.

I think it ultimately comes down to great characters. If a film has characters that you care about and can root for, you’re more likely to watch that film multiple times. Compelling characters can even make up for thin plots. That, or the movie is just really, really funny. Here are some movies that never get old for me:

American Splendor (2003)

Best in Show (2000)

The Big Lebowski (1998)

Caddyshack (1980)

Everything is Illuminated (2005)

Fargo (1996)

Goodfellas (1990)

Midnight Run (1988)

Moneyball (2011)

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Nebraska (2013)

Nobody’s Fool (1994)

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Rocky (1976)

School of Rock (2003)

Tender Mercies (1982)

This is Spinal Tap (1984)

The Town (2010)