Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Doritos

Lady Friendly Doritos......Come On!

The CEO for Doritos, who is a woman, has announced that the company is planning a new line of chips for WOMEN that will be less crunchy, have less cheese powder, and come in bags that fit in a purse. She says that women don't like to "crunch too loudly in public", and that women don't eat the crumbs out of the bag. I wasn't aware of this! LOL! In my opinion, this is one of the dumbest things I've come across, and the timing is just awful. Aren't women's teeth the same as men's? Last thing I want is a limp chip!! Are there going to be other "lady friendly" snack foods? How about Saltinas instead of Saltines? Wheat FEMS instead of Wheat Thins? TRISHkets to replace Triscuits? Absolutely ridiculous! Not a big surprise that women are taking issue with this idea, and are expressing their discontent on Twitter. What do you think? You can read some of the reactions, and get more details on the story here. I'm gonna go practice being "lady like", and try not to crunch too loudly while eating my crackers. 😉