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Top 10 Winter Games Events That Don't Exist...Yet

There are just a few more days of the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea where we've seen a lot of amazing performances by the athletes on skis, skates, and skeletons. And who knew curling would be so captivating? But I think there's room for growth in winter sports. Here are some ideas for events that the IOC should consider adding to the 2022 Winter Games in China:

10. Synchronized Shoveling - It's all about communication and trust.

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9. Zamboni Racing - Plenty of room for sponsor logos on those things.

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8. Winter Weightlifting - Easier than winter weight loss.

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7. Cross-Country Curling - It just keeps going and going and going...

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6. Speed Scraping - Points deducted for swearing.

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5. Alpine Dodgeball - Sounds classier than "snowball fight."

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4. Skolf - The biathlon with putters instead of rifles.

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3. Freestyle Snow Tow - Because every country has rednecks.

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2. Greco-Snowman Wrestling - See what I did there?

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1. Ice Prancing - Picture this on a speed skating oval: