U.S. News & World Report has named Iowa as the best state in America. The 2018 rankings are based on more than seventy-five metrics within categories such as Health Care, Education, Economy, Opportunity, Infrastructure, Crime & Corrections, Fiscal Stability, and Quality of Life. North Carolina is #23 on the list. South Carolina is #42.

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I have been to Iowa, but just the eastern part of the state. It looks like Field of Dreams. Iowa and its residents are really nice. I enjoyed my visit very much and, if I had to, I could probably live there. I’m not sure I would enjoy the long, cold winters, but I suppose I would adapt. Let’s just say Iowa would not be my first choice because of the weather. But if, for some reason, you couldn’t stay in the Charlotte area, where would you want to live? And let’s assume your family could come with you and money were no object.

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I’ve always been drawn to the vastness of the American West. I love the vistas, the big sky, and the colors of cowboy country. Wide open spaces at their best.

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But I would miss being within reasonable proximity to the ocean. For that, I would choose the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, where my wife and I spent our honeymoon.

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Then again, I also love some of the other big cities that I’ve called home, like New York.

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Or how about living abroad? I did just have a good trip to Prague in December. This is not an easy game to play.

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