I love lists like these that have real data attached to them. They’re the ultimate argument finishers. The next time you’re at a party and a conversation about music ensues, you can confidently explain that Justin Bieber still has a long way to go before he reaches the all-time top ten in certified U.S. album sales, according to the┬áRecording Industry Association of America.

10. AC/DC (72 million)

Karl Walter/Getty Images for Coachella

9. Pink Floyd (75 million)

Keystone Features/Getty Images

8. Elton John (77 million)

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for dcp

7. Michael Jackson (81 million)

Rick Stewart/Allsport/Getty Images

6. Billy Joel (82.5 million)

Brian Ach/Getty Images for ASCAP

5. Eagles (101 million)

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

4. Led Zeppelin (111.5 million)

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3. Elvis Presley (136 million)

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2. Garth Brooks (148 million)

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1. The Beatles (178 million)

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