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My Latest Video Binge: ASH Vs. Evil Dead

So, I used to be a horror fan, and then not so much because the genre' became "too" gory. I made it through "The Walking Dead" because in addition to the gore was the character study and the story behind the zombies. I'm more of a "mystery/crime" fan but the other night while up dealing with allergies, I stumbled across "ASH Vs. Evil Dead", a STARZ series that is the sequel to a campy 80's movie. I never saw the series on STARZ but now since it's hit NETFLIX, I thought why not? Now 15 episodes later, I am so hooked. Bruce Campbell (pictured, Getty images), with whom I became familiar on "Burn Notice" on USA is a hoot is this comedy, zombie killing popcorn, roller-coaster ride. The gore is so over the top, you can't help but LOVE it and the one-liners made me forget my allergies. Highly recommended for late, sleepless nights.

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