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There’s been some debate on social media over kids doing chores. Many parents, yours truly included, feel that it’s important for children to learn basic housekeeping skills. But some parents are opposed to the idea of having kids work around the house. Really? There are plenty of light household chores that most children can do without any danger to them physically or emotionally.

As you’re tackling your spring cleaning projects, get your kids involved. Start with the list below. Don’t worry, it doesn’t include the use of stoves or lawnmowers. This will help you with the workload and they’ll pick up some useful “adulting” skills. After all, you don’t want to still be washing their Underoos when they’re thirty, do you?

Clean bathroom surfaces

Dust furniture

Feed and walk pets

Load and empty the dishwasher

Make their beds

Pull weeds and rake leaves

Set and clear the table

Take out trash

Vacuum/sweep/mop floors

Wash, dry, and fold laundry (Machines do most of the work!)