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The Eagles will be taking their Hotel California tour across the border into Canada this fall. The band just announced six Canadian dates, starting Sept. 9th at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. The tour features the band performing the Hotel California album in its entirety, followed by a second set of familiar Eagles hits. Tickets for the new dates go on sale next Friday, July 15th. What are some rock albums you’d like to see performed live?

I first saw the Eagles in the early 70’s when I took my wife, then my girlfriend to see NEIL DIAMOND at the old original Charlotte Coliseum on Independence Blvd. (Now Bojangles Arena). NEIL was huge and my girlfriend loved him. Back in the early 70’s, opening bands got little or no pre-promotion or hype so when the lights dimmed and these guys took the stage, no one had a clue who they really were and what they were all about. I mean, come on! We were there to see Neil Diamond so we could all “Thank The Lord ForĀ  The Nighttime”. This July my girlfriend and I have been married 45 years.

I remember they opened with “Witchy Woman” and I was hooked forever on “The Eagles”. This is what they looked and sounded like when I first saw them. Enjoy.