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Amazon's Original "BOSCH" Season 4 Has Posted

As a fan of Michael Connelly, I look forward to each and every new book. My most favorite is the "Harry Bosch"

LAPD crime novels.

A few years ago when I heard that AMAZON PRIME was doing an original series based on the character, I started counting down the days until season 1 launched. I binged season 1 in a day and then waited on season 2 and then REPEAT!

Now season 4 just landed and here we go again. Character actor Titus Welliver is the perfect BOSCH and I was worried at first because I had known him for playing bad guys and heavies are his TV and film roles. It only took half an episode to believe him as the gritty, cynical, LAPD detective whose credo is "Everybody counts or nobody counts". The supporting cast is fantastic also with Lance Reddick as Police Chief Irving (Fringe) and Amy Aquino as Harry's boss, Lt Billets.

Each season seems to focus on the plot line of one of Connelly's  BOSCH novels but they are all interconnected just like the books. Kudos to Amazon for their great original programming from the outstanding source material.