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If you’re heading to the Moo & Brew Craft Beer & Burger Festival this Saturday (4/28), you’ll have some decisions to make. Which beers should you try? How will you be getting home after sampling said beers? How many burgers will you eat? And what will you put on those burgers?

Your choice of burger toppings and condiments is a very personal thing, sort of like choosing a brand of deodorant. It’s a part of what defines you as a human being. And people judge. Lord, how they judge! Put relish on your burger and see how that goes. Here’s a list that will never steer you wrong:

10. Tomato

9. Lettuce

8. Onion

7. Cole Slaw

6. Pickles

5. Chili

4. Bacon

3. Mustard

2. Cheese

1. Ketchup

Chris Jackson/Getty Images