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Jack Daniel

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Avenger’s “Infinity War” opens nationwide today and Dwayne Johnson’s “RAMPAGE” much better than critics rate.

Today is a BIG DAY for MARVEL fans as the new film pulls all the character’s thus far into the same space. All of us who loved “Guardians Of The Galaxy” V0l 1 & 2 can now see those character’s interact with The Avenger’s Universe in what looks like the start of a roller coaster summer forĀ  movies.

For fans of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it’s easy for his RAMPAGE movie to get overshadowed quickly but take note that his movies never get rave reviews and yet, I have liked every single one he has starred in. “JUMANJI” was fantastic and had a different feel than did Robin William’s original but it was great fun and offered good laughs. I also enjoyed “San Andreas” as well. He’s likable, natural, and holds up his end of the bargain in front of the camera.

You may want to let the dust settle on “Avenger’s- Infinity War” just to avoid the crowds, or if you’re one that likes crowded theaters and cheering audiences, jump on in this weekend. One large combo for 1 please…diet cola and some Goobers. See you at the movies.