On the season launch of the “All Athlete” version of “Dancing With The Stars”, they introduced him as a Washington Redskin, but Carolina Panther die hard’s want to claim Josh Norman as the “cocky corner” who helped get them to Super Bowl 50 in 2015.

In this very short, 4 week season, they’ve already sent 2 contestants home on the first night, but of the remaining 8 contestants, Josh Norman is ranked #2 of the whole lot in this athletes only mini-season. Debuting just in time for May sweeps (Disney ain’t stupid) it’s all about quick ratings and fast eliminations. Judges used words like “Wow” and another “athlete who can dance” as number 24 moved and shook like he plays corner, with 100% laser focus. DWTS airs Mondays on channel 9 WSOC (ABC) and will wrap up on May 21.