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It’s time to make your summer vacation travel plans and Expedia has some great tip to help you save some money. For one thing, you might want to consider a trip to the Sunshine State. Four of the top ten cheapest summer flight destinations are in Florida:

1. Fort Lauderdale
2. Orlando
3. Myrtle Beach
4. Atlanta
5. Las Vegas
6. Chicago
7. West Palm Beach
8. Tampa
9. Dallas
10. Denver

August is the cheapest summer month for air travel, with average ticket prices being about $100 less than in June. The cheapest weeks to fly are between August 21st and September 3rd, while the most expensive week is June 26th to July 2nd.

You’ll also want to avoid traveling over long holiday weekends, like Memorial Day and Labor Day. Not only will you be dealing with bigger crowds, you’ll be paying a lot more for your flight, accommodations, and ground transportation. The best strategy for lower airfare is to book flights at least thirty days ahead of your planned departure date, and reserve your rental car one to two weeks in advance to lock in rates and availability. Happy travels!