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Radio personalities occasionally wake up screaming because of “DJ nightmares,” which often involve equipment malfunctions in the control room. I bring this up because that’s what happened on Tuesday, except it wasn’t a dream. Mel and I were experiencing a real-life “DJ nightmare” when our main studio computer showed us the dreaded “blue screen of death” and shut itself down. Fortunately our engineers had it running again within fifteen minutes. The longest fifteen minutes of our lives.

Occupational nightmares can happen to anyone in any line of work. A college professor I know says that she has a teaching anxiety dream, every fall. Class is starting and not only is she totally unprepared, but she’s late and can’t even find her classroom.

Food service workers have bad dreams about being “in the weeds” at their bar or restaurant without any hope of catching up with the constant stream of orders. I wouldn’t be surprised if cooks also had nightmares about kitchen fires or knife accidents.

Have you ever awoken in a cold sweat due to a work-related nightmare? Do other people in your industry experience anything like this?