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Last weekend’s weather wasn’t exactly ideal for outdoor entertaining. Just when we thought the sky was clearing up, another set of clouds would roll in and drop more rain on us. We need a do-over, especially those of us who live for grilling.

I’m not a snob about propane versus charcoal versus wood, or even “grilling” versus “barbecuing.” Cooking outside should be enjoyed no matter how you go about it or what you call it. There’s something about preparing a meal outdoors that feeds us, both literally and figuratively, on a primordial level. At one time in human history, that’s how everything was cooked.

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

To this day, nearly every culture has some form of outdoor cooking. It may not be a year-round activity for everyone, although I’ve been known to ignite my portable tailgate grill on a snowy winter’s eve. Also, what we cook over open flames has changed over time and still differs depending on which side of the world you reside. Here’s a modern-day, American top ten:

1. Burgers

2. Hot Dogs/Bratwurst

3. Chicken

4. Steak

5. Ribs

6. Shish Kebab

7. Pork Chops

8. Corn on the Cob

9. Salmon/Tuna/Shrimp

10. Portobello Mushrooms