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Summer is just about here and that means increased sightings of flip-flops. Of course, here in the South, some folks rock their flip-flops 365 days a year. Have you ever noticed how those are the people who should probably NEVER wear flip-flops. Trim those toenails! But I digress…

If you’ve ever seen video footage of the drifting islands of garbage, you know that we have a big pollution problem in our oceans. But there are good people working on finding solutions. Ocean Sole, an ocean conservation group in Kenya, has been turning a lot of the trash into something beautiful and beneficial.

Millions of floating flip-flops are choking our seas and the animals that live in them. However, once Ocean Sole’s artists pluck the footwear from the Indian Ocean, it’s being transformed into fun art pieces and useful products as a way of shining a light on this environmental crisis. On top of that, more than 900 Kenyans have found employment thanks to this project. Watch how they do it: