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You can call it ‘Italian ice’ or ‘water ice.’ If you’re feeling fancy, you can call it ‘sorbet’ or ‘granita.’ You can even combine it with frozen custard. But don’t ever deny that it’s the perfect summertime treat.

An Italian ice cools you down and makes you smile. Every time. The only problem with Italian ice is that you can get it in so many tasty flavors. Luckily, summer is just beginning so you’ll have plenty of time to try them all. These are our favorites:

1. Lemon (The all-time classic)

2. Cherry

3. Orange

4. Mango (America’s fast-growing flavor)

5. Strawberry

6. Watermelon

7. Pineapple

8. Blue Raspberry (They really do exist!)

9. Peach

(tie) 10. Cotton Candy/Rainbow