Cazzie David might be following her own break up advice, again!

According to People, prior to her Pete Davidson breakup, David shared a how to guide on getting over an ex.

David based the advice on a past relationship.

At the time of her other breakup, the daughter of Larry David said one of her gal pals told her that after eight weeks, her ex would text her.

David put together a comprehensive plan, week by week of what she needed to do each week.

By the end of the plan, her ex did text her.

Unfortunately for David, she didn’t know what she was supposed to do once she received that text.

As she admits, she texted him back 10 times, while adding, “you live and learn.”

While David has been relatively quiet regarding the new romance and engagement between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, you have to wonder if she is secretly wishing for Pete to text her in eight weeks — Hopefully so she can tell him off!

To see her “how to get over an ex plan,” please click here.

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