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Melany Myers

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I spent the weekend alone with the dogs watching TV. I have a stye on my eye, so I’m not looking very festive. Last night, I was watching the show “Intervention”. If you’re not familiar with this show, it follows the lives of drug addicts, and how their disease affects their family.

The show centers around intervening in the addicts life so that they can get into rehab. As I was watching the show, I wondered out loud WHY I was watching the show. It’s quite depressing and sad. Then it hit me! I watch the show because I want to see a positive outcome. I watch because I have hope, and I am rooting for the addict to get clean. I have hope for the addict’s family, for the addict’s friends, and for the addict’s kids. I watch because I want to see a success story. I don’t know these people, and I have no connection to them in any way. But it doesn’t matter. I still want to see a positive outcome. I WANT them to become a success story.

Hope. We all hope for different things. Usually we hope for good things to happen in our own lives. We hope for a promotion, a new job, or a great relationship. Nothing wrong with hoping for good things to happen! That said, I think all of us could use more “hope” in our lives. We could have hope for others…….send others positivity. We see negative stories daily. We can’t avoid them. The negative stories usually lead the news. Having hope can be difficult at times.  Last night, I realized that I have hope…..even for people I don’t know. Hope can be in the form of prayers, good vibes, positive energy, or positive thinking. You decide how you define hope. All I know is we need to try and spread it around.

Rock on!