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Bruce Springsteen's Childhood Home Was A Bargain

The house in which Bruce Springsteen spent his formative years has just sold at a surprisingly low price. I would have expected the boyhood home of the Boss to be purchased by a wealthy pop culture aficionado for millions. Perhaps it would then be turned into a museum filled with priceless rock & roll relics that once belonged to the musical genius who grew up in that house. Nope.

The modest 736 square-foot, two-bedroom, 1-bathroom house at 39 Institute Street in Freehold, NJ sold for an equally modest $255,000. The price actually had to be dropped from $269,000 before someone would buy it. Sure, the house is small, but most real estate in the part of the country is pretty pricey. And did I mention that Bruce Springteen lived there from the age of five until he graduated high school? Bruce. Springsteen.

I'm fairly certain that I could turn 39 Institute Street into one of New Jersey's most-visited tourist attractions. Have you ever been to a Bruce Springsteen concert? It's like a religious experience for his fans. Therefore, his childhood home should be a shrine. At the very least, it could have a historical marker in front. You know, sort of a 'George Washington Slept Here' kind of thing. I don't see one in the listing photo, but there's plenty of room between the 'No Parking' and 'Watch Children' signs.

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