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Melany Myers

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Kids today are addicted to technology. They stare at their phones and their laptops. When I was a kid, I was a TV addict. I loved it! My love began with cartoons, and it continued as I grew. “The Love Boat”, “Fantasy Island”, game shows, “Donahue”…..I watched it all. I knew early on in my life that I wanted to entertain people. I even used to sing commercial jingles into a tape recorder. Yup! My parents enrolled me in drama lessons very early, and I continued to take them through high school.  I always knew that one day I’d end up on television.

Then, in the early 80’s, MTV debuted. I was hooked immediately. It combined the two things I loved the most: TV and music! I watched it all the time. When MTV first started, it was all about music. You could see videos, interviews with bands, and there were MTV VJ’s that knew all about music and the culture. I was in love. MTV became my go to on a daily basis for music. Radio, at least here in the South, didn’t play many of the artists that MTV did. Especially the rock music. I would stare at MTV for hours, watching videos, waiting to see what came on next.

MTV gave us a connection to the music that we heard on the radio. We could now SEE the artists, hear their voices during interviews, and find out their thoughts on music. It was awesome! And it only got better, for me at least, when in 1987, MTV debuted “Headbanger’s Ball.”  This show focused solely on rock and heavy metal music. Lots of the bands I became a fan of, I heard/saw for the first time on “Headbanger’s Ball.”  It came on every Saturday night, and I never missed it. I’d stay awake for hours watching and learning about rock music. Without that show, I don’t think I’d be the rock chick I am today. I definitely wouldn’t be the walking “80’s music trivia” nerd I am now.

If you grew up in the 80’s, then you have memories of MTV. Feel free to share yours!!  37 years…………..WHERE did the time go?!

😉 Mel