Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Not Even A Cat Fan, And I'M Crying

Ok. I'm gonna tell you this need some tissues. Hell, you may need the whole box! In 2005, Janet Adamowicz's cat, Boo, ran away from home at the age of four. Janet did everything she could to find Boo, placing ‘missing’ posters around her hometown, and even put an ad about her in the local paper.  Janet got no leads about Boo, and she eventually gave up on trying to find the cat.

13 years later, in 2018, Janet got a call about her missing cat Boo. The call came from a vet's office. Janet drove to the vet's and there was her cat, Boo.  AND Boo remembered her! AND this is where the tears started for me.  AND I'm not a cat fan! Read the rest of Janet and Boo's story here. It'll warm your heart.