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Our dishwasher stopped working recently, which means my wife and I have gone back to washing dishes, flatware, pots, pans, and glasses by hand. It’s not terrible. One of us washes, the other dries, and it gives a chance to talk about our day over the sink. But eventually, we’re either going to fix or replace that dishwasher. In the meantime, I’ve been looking for ways to use as few pieces of cookware as possible when making dinner. I’m becoming a big fan of one-pot cooking.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Martha Stewart is the queen of one-pot cooking. She even wrote a cookbook called One Pot. Of course, given her TV partnership with Snoop Dogg, the term “one-pot” could have another meaning. However, this dish is legal in all fifty states. With some dried pasta, water, a touch of olive oil, and just a few other fresh ingredients, it all cooks together in one saute pan in about twenty minutes.

At my house, we like a one-pot dinner that I call “Homeburger Helper.” It’s our version of Hamburger Helper but we don’t use the stuff in the box. We make ours from scratch with ground beef, egg noodles, and two kinds of cheese. Let me know if you have a favorite one-pot meal recipe.