Lindsay Lohan went live on social media overnight, leaving many baffled at the contents of the video.

In the video, the actress follows a Syrian family around while in Russia.

Lohan is heard repeatedly trying to take the boys away from the mother.

The family, clearly trying to get away from Lindsay, tries to ignore her attempts to take the children.

At one point during the recording, you can hear her ask the boys if they want to go with her — As she promises to take care of them.

To make matters worse, the actress basically told the woman she should get a job to give her sons a better life — Before accusing the woman of traffic children.

Eventually, the mother of the children had enough and punched Lohan in the face — Seemingly ending the pursuit.

Wow, just wow.

Naturally, the Twitterverse reacted.

To see footage of the ordeal, please click here.

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