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Top 10 Things That Cost Too Much

We all have bills and other expenses, but paying for some stuff hurts far more than it should. What things do you feel are overpriced?

According to a new Yahoo Finance survey, Americans are most outraged by the price of concert tickets. That's understandable. I once paid about $200 per ticket to take my family to see U2. Granted, it was a great show and the tickets were really a birthday present for my wife, but that was a lot of money for a couple hours of entertainment. And it would have been lot less without the various fees that come with buying concert tickets online.

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Close on the heels of concert tickets are college tuition and health insurance. If you have a teenage driver in your house like I do, you can add car insurance to the things that are bleeding your bank account dry. Here's the rest of the top 10:

1. Concert tickets
2. College tuition
3. Health insurance
4. Movie theater popcorn
5. Gasoline
6. Sports tickets
7. Car repairs
8. Movie tickets
9. Cigarettes
10. Car insurance

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