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We all have bills and other expenses, but paying for some stuff hurts far more than it should. What things do you feel are overpriced?

According to a new Yahoo Finance survey, Americans are most outraged by the price of concert tickets. That’s understandable. I once paid about $200 per ticket to take my family to see U2. Granted, it was a great show and the tickets were really a birthday present for my wife, but that was a lot of money for a couple hours of entertainment. And it would have been lot less without the various fees that come with buying concert tickets online.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Close on the heels of concert tickets are college tuition and health insurance. If you have a teenage driver in your house like I do, you can add car insurance to the things that are bleeding your bank account dry. Here’s the rest of the top 10:

1. Concert tickets
2. College tuition
3. Health insurance
4. Movie theater popcorn
5. Gasoline
6. Sports tickets
7. Car repairs
8. Movie tickets
9. Cigarettes
10. Car insurance

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