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Melany Myers

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It seems like EVERY band/musician has a cruise now! Def Leppard, KISS, and now Jon Bon Jovi. Just announced are the “Runaway to Paradise” cruises with Jon Bon Jovi. It’s not the band, just Jon, but other musicians will be aboard. You have TWO to choose from, one in April 2019, and one in August 2019. Each cruise goes to a different location. I won’t lie, the trips are expensive, but if you are a Jon super fan, and have vacation time, do it! I have been on a few different rock cruises and they are a total blast! Worth the money, in my opinion. Of course, you gotta make sure you have a festive travel buddy or buddies. Get the girls together and rock on the high seas! Find out all the details on both cruises here.  Spandex and AquaNet not included.