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I got two words for everyone reading this…I’m Baaaaack!
I’m back like Jordan wearing the #45 jersey. I’m back like Michael J. Fox when he went Back to the Future. I’m back like when the night before goes well and the dude blows up the girls phone to come back for more.

I’m back like a dumb kid who has to repeat his grade. I’m back like Trick or Treaters who found out the house with the awesome candy. I’m back like a Boomerang that’s throw properly. I’m back like a bounce check (if checks still existence). I’m back like a main character in from the original movie that agreed to star in the sequel which was awful.

I’m back like LL Cool J and Biggie Smalls when they decided to go back to Cali. I’m back on the radio to have fun, entertain, spit sports knowledge, educate and bring it QCB Style. Hold on tight because it’s gonna be EASY MONEY SON. #IcanNeverBeToast