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Three things in life that are guaranteed…Taxes, Somebody on Maury failing a Lie Detector Test and the McRib will always make a comeback. The McRib is like a dead beat parent. It comes in our lives, bring us joy and then disappears months at a time and pop back up unexpectedly. Yes the McRib sandwich has comeback to McKie D’s once again. Now this is a damn shame because “We” or “Us” McDonald consumers don’t want the McRib to come back. All we want is that freaky ice cream machine to work! I may not feel like Dairy Queen or Cold Stone or Jeni’s, I just might want an old school caramel sundae with nuts. “I’m sorry sir our ice cream machine is down”…WHAT!? You telling me America can send a man to the moon but can’t fix a damn ice cream machine in a fast food restaurant? DJANGO PLEASE. Easy Money Son…QCB is out.