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Melany Myers

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Thanksgiving. My favorite fat girl day of the year. Even if I don’t spend the holiday with family or friends, I will cook myself a Thanksgiving feast. I love it. And I love the leftovers. Now that we’re past Halloween, it’s time to focus on the food! I realize that many don’t share my love of cooking, so I found a few places that can serve up all your Thanksgiving favorites, while you enjoy the day out of the kitchen! Most of these restaurants are in every state, and the cost is pretty reasonable for your Thanksgiving fixin’s.  This option is great if you travel for the holiday, like to the mountains or the beach, or if you just hate cooking and cleaning up.  No matter how you enjoy your turkey, make sure there’s stuffing, and that you have pants that stretch.

Here’s “9 Places You Can Buy Thanksgiving”   Gobble Gobble!