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Our brave men and women in uniform lead stressful lives so getting quality sleep whenever they can, and as quickly as they can, is very important. Who better than the military to offer some tips to help all of us fall asleep faster?

If your job is a source of tension and a cause of insomnia, you undoubtedly realize that your overall quality of life suffers as a result of the fatigue you feel. It can affect your work performance, physical health, and personal relationships.

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

What can you do to get more sleep? Simply going to bed earlier doesn’t always work. If your body and brain don’t truly unwind, you can be tossing and turning for hours. That’s why we’re calling in the troops.

In the video below, you’ll learn what the U.S. Navy teaches their pilots to do in order to fall asleep in just two minutes. Ironically, the video that explains this is over seven minutes long, but it could be time very well spent if it leads to more sleep. The Navy’s method includes five physical relaxation steps and two visualizations.

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

The U.S. Army’s contribution to improving our slumber are some things to do and others to avoid before lying down in bed. One of the Army tips, going to bed at the first sign of tiredness, is something I need to follow.

Watch the video and see if these military strategies work for you. This does take some practice so be patient. Pleasant dreams…