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It’s a bus. It’s a hotel. It’s both! Cabin is a fairly new travel concept: overnight luxury bus service. This is not like any motor coach I’ve ever seen.

Launched in 2016, Cabin is basically a hotel on wheels that shuttles travelers between San Francisco and L.A. (Santa Monica). The trip takes eight hours, departing at 11:00 PM and arriving at 7:00 AM. But instead of trying to sleep in a cramped bus seat, Cabin customers enjoy private cabins, hence the name. They look like futuristic slumber pods and are stacked like berths that you’d see on an Amtrak sleeper car.

A Cabin ticket starts at $84 and amenities include round-the-clock attendant service, comfy bedding, free WiFi, personal power outlets, complimentary ear plugs, tea at night, and coffee in the morning. It looks like a good alternative to paying for pricey airfare or renting a car and making the long drive yourself.

The company is currently in the process of upgrading its bus fleet and plans to be operating at full capacity in 2019. There has even been talk of bringing Cabin to the East Coast for routes that could include New York City-Washington, D.C.; New York City-Boston; and Boston-Washington, D.C. You can learn more HERE.