There’s a good chance that many of us have experienced this: you walk outside and discover that someone has scratched your car, or even worse, hit your car. UGHHHHHH! Not a good feeling. That’s what happened to a college baseball player named Andrew Sipowicz  in New York. Andrew came out to his car and noticed that someone put a big dent in the front of it. Luckily, someone saw the “hit and run” and left a note for Andrew. The witness was an anonymous 6th grader, who was ON the school bus that hit Andrew’s car. The kid left a note on Andrew’s car, explaining what happened, and the note is TOO funny!  The kid even drew a picture of the school bus that hit Andrew’s car.

Props to this kid for being honest, and the note just rocks! Check it out here. The story has now gone viral, and apparently Andrew has now found the kid that let him know about the accident. Good to know there are still good samaritan’s in the world!