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As this year winds down, do you dread the thought of spending another one in the same job? Making changes in one’s career is a common New Year’s resolution. If you’d like to see yourself moving up from or out of your current position, the best time to start working on your resume is as soon as possible.

Depending on how long it has been since you’ve applied for a job, your resume may need a few minor tweaks or a major overhaul. Below are some things to include and avoid on yours before sending it to hiring managers:


  • Use the same font throughout the entire document.
  • List your jobs with the most recent is at the top.
  • Add descriptions about the companies you worked for.
  • Use white space around important points so they stand out.
  • Highlight your education at the bottom.
  • Add your LinkedIn profile URL to your contact info.
  • Proofread for typos!



  • Use hard-to-read fonts or colors.
  • Use pronouns in your descriptions.
  • Include photos or other images.
  • Use headers, footers, or any weird formatting.
  • Include irrelevant job or education details.
  • Use the line “references available upon request.” They know.
  • Use trite buzzwords. Not sure what those are? Here’s a list.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images