Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Moment With Mel At Levine Children's Hospital

Chocolate!!! Most of us love chocolate, and I've found a new place to get some amazing chocolate treats. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting an awesome kid named Matt at Levine Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, Matt is at the hospital way more than any child should be. While speaking with Matt, I found out that he's a big fan of country music, enjoys science, AND has his own chocolate/candy shop. YEAH! At 13 years old, Matt has his very own business. Matt and his Mom make all the treats at his store. Matt informed me that they offer special occasion baskets, including holiday baskets. Yum!

As I continued to speak to Matt while he was in his hospital bed, I found out some more about him. His Dad is a welder, so he's been welding since he as five years old, he enjoys tennis, and he's thinking of becoming an engineer. Oh.....and Matt really enjoys chocolate/peanut butter candies. His aunt told me he's a big fan of Reese's, so that's why he makes lots of chocolate/peanut butter candy combinations at his candy store.

I'm sharing all of this with you because I asked Matt if I could help promote his candy store, and he said that I could. SO, if you're looking for a gift for a teacher, a coach, a friend, or if you have a sweet tooth, please visit Matt's candy store. They can make baskets to order, and they also have chocolate lollipops. Here is a link to "Munchie Matt's Sweet Treats". You can send a Facebook message or call the shop for more details.

Thank you!!! Since Matt is going through so much, I thought if we all enjoyed some of his candies, it would lift his spirits. AND lift ours! I mean, we are talking about chocolate!  😉