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Ok, in full disclosure, I do like “Special Drinks” during the holiday’s. I’m sure you have favorites as well. Enjoy below a Top 5 video followed by 2 of my favorites. Many of these you can purchase already premixed at The American Business College. wink-wink (ABC).

One of my personal favorite’s is

“Spiked” Eggnog.

Fill rocks glass with ice, start with one to 1 and a half shots of your favorite whiskey.

Add eggnog and top with nutmeg if you prefer. You can also toss in a blender to make more of an eggnog slushi. To make the drink less rich, thin by adding half the eggnog and half 2% milk.

Time saving tip. Name brand whiskey’s now have this premixed. Chill and pour.

Stir & Enjoy

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Washington Red Apple

Take your favorite Apple Whiskey (Crown Apple, Jim Beam etc) and over ice add 1 to 1/2 shots, add cranberry juice and it tastes just like a Washington Red Apple. Add a cinnamon stick if you like. Great holiday drink.

(Photo by Amber De Vos/Getty Images


Below, an ENCORE of a professional sharing his TOP 5 Holiday Drinks. Share and Enjoy and always drink responsibly!