Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Bob Dole At Bush's Funeral Is Powerful

Politics is not my thing. I don't discuss it with family and friends often. Everyone has their personal views and beliefs, and not everyone feels the same way about things. And that's ok! That's one of the many things that's great about living in America!

It's disturbing to me that there are so many people that get so worked up in regard to politics. You see people fighting and arguing on social media daily. It's so sad to me that people no longer discuss topics in a civilized manner. There's nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree, but yelling, and name calling is just inappropriate.

Yesterday, I came across this video that not only made me cry, but it made me proud to be an American. I don't care what your political affiliation is, this will move you as an American. Bob Dole, who is 95 years old and in a wheelchair, attended George Bush's funeral, and his actions gave me chills. You will need some tissues handy as you watch this video. It is extremely powerful and moving. This video should remind us all that despite our differing opinions, we should keep in mind that we are ALL Americans.