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'The Christmas Chronicles' Is A Holiday Hit For Kurt Russell

Who knew that a fast-talking, wise-cracking Santa Claus would resonate with so many people? Maybe it just proves that we all need more Christmas in our lives, no matter how it's presented. Regardless of the reason, Kurt Russell's new Netflix movie, The Christmas Chronicles, may end up being the biggest success of his long career.

According to Netflix, The Christmas Chronicles was streamed 20 million times in its first week. Kurt Russell has never had that many people see one of his movies in an opening week in theaters. Not even Overboard! Granted, it's much easier and cheaper for a family to see a movie on Netflix than at the multiplex, but that's still an impressive achievement.

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The Christmas Chronicles tells the story of a hopeful sister and skeptical brother who meet Santa and then, after accidentally crashing his sleigh, help save Christmas on a wild all-night adventure. Kurt Russell's portrayal of Santa reminds me a bit of Ed Asner in Elf, but with a lot more screen time and a touch more attitude. And, yes, Kurt's longtime partner, Goldie Hawn, does make an appearance as Mrs. Claus.