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Every family that celebrates Christmas has its favorite traditions. Those could include driving through McAdenville to see the light displays, cutting down your own Christmas tree in the mountains, or going to Advent services at your church. But what about something a little different?

I’m convinced that no two families celebrate the holiday season exactly the same way. You might take your adult children to the mall for photos with Santa, do a polar bear plunge in a frigid lake, or watch Die Hard together every December. Does your family have any quirky Christmas traditions?

When I was growing up, we always opened all of our presents after dinner on Christmas Eve. That’s actually not uncommon in other parts of the world, but I don’t know of many American families who do that. My sister and I would be outside on Christmas morning, already playing with our new toys, while our friends were still waking up and opening their gifts.

After my wife and I were married, I was introduced to her family’s fun tradition of re-gifting one particular item that no one wanted. Every Christmas, someone in the family would get a kitschy bottle of pink perfume and they would be stuck with it for the next 365 days until they could unload it on another relative. It has never failed to get a laugh.

Here are some other quirky Christmas traditions from a recent Kohl’s survey:

  • Playing Mario Kart games on Christmas morning
  • Exchanging ugly ornaments
  • Camping in the living room on the night of Christmas Eve
  • Making ornaments with pet’s paw print
  • Watching horror movies on Christmas Day
  • Sending holiday cards to strangers
  • Hiding Christmas presents for the younger kids
  • Wearing silly Christmas pajamas
  • Dressing pets in holiday costumes

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