Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

Local Grandmother Owns Christmas!

Can you imagine decorating 184 Christmas trees, and putting out 139 Santas? Overwhelming thought, but Rock Hill grandmother Cathy Griffin does it every year. To say that she loves Christmas is an understatement. Not only does Cathy put up and decorate 184 trees, many of the trees are themed. Cathy has a Star Wars tree, a cowboy tree, a teacher tree, and an Elvis tree, just to name a few.

I can't imagine all the time and effort that goes into setting up all the trees and Sanatas. Nor can I imagine the cost of Cathy's power bill for the month of December. She leaves the Christmas lights on 24/7. Cha-Ching!!

Cathy says she decorates so extravagantly because of her love of Christmas, and for the love of her family. She loves seeing the smiles on grandchildren's faces. That's what Christmas is all about...sharing and love. Take a look at all of Cathy's Christmas decorations here.