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Andrew Slavonic of McMurray, PA turned 101 on December 1st. What does the centenarian credit for his long life? Coors Light.

The Air Force veteran drinks one ice cold Coors Light every day precisely at 4:00 PM. But is it really the beer that has kept the former gunner so well preserved, or does it have more to do with the consistency of the ritual itself?

Mr. Slavonic’s fifteen-year Coors Light habit may be one factor contributing to his well-being at 101. According to Andrew’s son, who has been living with him since 2016, Slavonic gets up each morning at 8:30 to cook breakfast, reads the news, and makes his own lunch. Remarkably, Slavonic still mows more than half an acre of grass and shovels the snow in his driveway despite suffering from macular degeneration.

The fact that Andrew’s son lives with him makes a huge difference. Too often, senior citizens go into decline due to isolation. I have no doubt that the physical activity and commitment to maintaining a daily routine have also been good for Andrew in his old age. Likewise, having something to look forward to every day can be a positive in one’s life, as long as that something is fairly harmless when enjoyed responsibly. That’s where that 4:00 PM Rocky Mountain refreshment comes in. Cheers!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images