(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

WestWorld Season 2! Mind Blowing Finale

I had HBO when season 1 of West World launched and watched it faithfully every Sunday night. (Reading more might be a SPOILER)

Not only that, but I watched every youtube "West World explained" video I could find because I really did need help understanding all the flashbacks and unexplained timeline shifts. I did away with HBO and actually mourned when Season 2 premiered earlier this year. The other night I was surfing through the itunes store and what did I see but MY Christmas present waiting to be bought. West World Season 2, 10 episodes with 15 bonus featurettes and within seconds, it was mine.

If I thought season 1 had been confusing and I did, this one made my head hurt right away. Being used to timeline shifts, it was still difficult to figure out what was happening. I binged and binged until I had to sleep only to awaken and start again.  If you haven't watched Season 1, I encourage you to do so if you are a fan of westerns, sci-fi and mind blowing plot twists and turns. Season 2, while seemingly FINAL, sets up a equally thrilling and puzzling Season 3 which this viewer hopes tackles as much of a prequel as anything else. I'd love to see how Delos came to be. How about you? At the end of Season 2, PLEASE stay after the credits as West World steals from the Marvel universe to tease you big time after the credits.

BELOW is Season 2 explained so If you think you may watch Seasons 1 & 2 DO NOT WATCH THIS!