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Why do we do it? Why do other people do it? I’m talking about telling lies. Is it ever okay to lie?

We try to justify telling some lies, don’t we? We’ll tell ourselves, “What they don’t know can’t hurt them” or “I’m just bending the truth a bit.” But it doesn’t matter if they’re big fat lies or “little white lies.” They’re all wrong. (Aside from any Yuletide gift delivery-related legends you might tell your kids, of course.)

How would our relationships and our lives be different without these lies we’ve all heard or told?

1. I’m fine.
2. The doctor will be right in.
3. The cable installer will be there between 8:00 and noon.
4. Your call is very important to us.
5. I understand how you feel.
6. I’m sorry.
7. It’s okay.
8. No, that doesn’t make your butt look big.
9. Let’s get together soon.
10. Nice to see you.
11. You look great.
12. That’s really funny.
13. Sorry, I was taking a nap.
14. I didn’t see your text.
15. I’ll get right back to you.
16. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be alright.
17. No, officer, I have no idea how fast I was going.
18. I had a bad shrimp and can’t make it to work.
19. I don’t see color.
20. I’m only going to tell you this one more time.
21. We care about our employees.
22. The check is in the mail.
23. Sure, I’d love to see pictures of your vacation.
24. Sure, I’d love to see pictures of your kids.
25. And when you open that Christmas gift: Oh… I love it.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images