(Photo by Sion Touhig/Getty Images)

Best Christmas Gift EVER?...or Most Memorable One?

Here we are one week before Christmas eve and after circling Southpark Mall for over an hour Saturday while my wife shopped, I had time to reflect about all the Christmas' I've been through and about my most memorable gifts received. That memory prompted this BLOG about my Best Christmas gift ever and some of my most memorable Christmases. Perhaps it will will spark the same memories for you and you can share on the K104.7 Facebook/Twitter/Instagram some fond memories you have. It will all be over in a flash, so enjoy the time with friends and family!

My "Best Gift ever" as a kid memory... I won't give the year, but the gift will give it away. I had seen all the TV commercials and it was the greatest toy I had ever seen. I just had to have it so I wrote Santa several times that year and begged for it. I must have been good and Santa heard me because on Christmas morning, a long, long time ago my wish was under the tree. REMCO toys at that time had a line of toys called "Monkey Division". It came with a helmet with goggles, and a bazooka that shot a type of grenade shaped plastic dart and many other accessories. It was for "jungle fighting" and since we had woods out back, I had the perfect place to test it out. I remember that REMCO had lots of toys and near my house in Concord was Blackwelder's Toy Land. It was in the basement of H.G. Blackwelder's Grocery Store and that's where we saw the toys all year that we ended up wanting for Christmas. I also remember the year I got my first bike, the Schwinn just like the one used in "IT" the mini series or the year I got the Kenner Girder and panel building set! Great memories of Christmases past. What are some of yours?

Below are some old late 50's TV toy ads and some from the 80's and 90's! Enjoy the trip down memory lane.