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Melany Myers

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When I was growing up, my Dad had an African grey parrot. My Dad yelled at the television lots when the Tarheels were playing, so the bird learned some profanity. African grey’s are extremely smart, and they are amazing at mimicking. SO, since the bird heard my Dad lots, the bird had quite the vocabulary. Not all of it was PG-13.

Meet Rocco. He’s my new spirit animal. Rocco is an African grey parrot that lives in England. Unfortunately, Rocco’s former owner taught him lots of bad words. Rocco’s vocabulary was so offensive, he was kicked out of a bird sanctuary. Luckily, Rocco found a new home with┬áMarion Wischnewski, and he is loving his new place.

Rocco, who makes numerous household sounds, and talks lots, has a new best friend, and it’s not Marion. It’s Alexa. Rocco interacts with Alexa up to 40 times a day, and learned to order snacks via Alexa. Before Marion activated the parental lock system on Alexa, Rocco had ordered strawberries, ice cream, and a tea kettle. He also got the virtual assistant to play his favorite music, and to tell him jokes.

A bird with bad language that likes snacks. Rocco… are my hero AND my new spirit animal. Rock on Rocco! More on Rocco’s adventures here.