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I’ve never been to Nashville, TN, and I’ve always wanted to go. The music, the food, & the sights are just a few reasons I want to go. NOW there’s another reason, and Christmas is involved.

There’s a bar in Nashville that is a Christmas wonderland!  There are lights, wreaths, special drinks, games, and they even changed the name of all their food to fit with the Christmas theme. The bar is called the Reindeer Games Bar, and it’s a special pop-up bar. It opened in November, and will close at the end of December.

I think this is a cool concept! Christmas cocktails and fun for grown ups. There are even pinball machines and vintage video games that you can play for free! I’m ready to pack a bag and check it out. If they do this next year, I’m definitely using it as an excuse to hit Nashville.

You can see all of the decor and check out all the Christmas craziness this place offers here. It’d be awesome if we could get something like this in Charlotte next year. I’d be in!