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Melany Myers

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We’ve all read stories over the past year about emotional support animals not being allowed on planes. The story I remember most is when someone was not allowed on a plane with their “emotional support” peacock.  I understand people need emotional support animals to help with anxiety, but it’s getting kind of crazy.

Enter Popeyes restaurant. Most of us are familiar with the chicken restaurant, and they’ve created one of the most awesome things! You can now purchase “Emotional Support Chicken” at Popeyes to take with you as you travel this holiday season. And not only are you getting tasty food, the “Emotional Support Chicken” comes in a chicken shaped box. It is hilarious!!!

You can see the “Emotional Support Chicken”, and get the details here. The pictures will crack you up as will the wording on the box.

Well done Popeyes, well done! I’ll be picking some up this weekend. I’m not traveling, but I just thing it’s freakin’ awesome!