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Melany Myers

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Talk about a side hustle! This dog has got one, and it is awesome. Hunter, a Shiba Inu from Canada, has some serious painting skills. Hunter uses his mouth to hold the paint brush to comprise his abstract paintings. He has thousands of followers on social media, and is selling his art work on Etsy. Well, his owners are.

Kenny Au and his wife, Denise Lo are Hunter’s humans. Denise says they had a large blank space on a wall in their home, which gave them the idea to try and teach Hunter how to paint. They were surprised at the results. Hunter learned quickly. Of course, Hunter is rewarded with a treat after each stroke he makes.

I’ll be honest, the paintings are kinda cool! I can barely get my dog to sit for a treat! You can check out more about Hunter, and see his artwork here. $34 isn’t a bad price for a funky piece of art. Rock on Hunter! You’re such a good boy! 😉