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Melany Myers

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I am now officially my mother! Over the weekend I shot an email to the management of the apartment complex where I live to complain about people not cleaning up after their dogs. After stepping in poop twice, I was a bit upset.

Now, normally, when I see someone not clean up after their animal, I will say something. It’s hard for me to keep my big mouth shut. BUT, I’m trying to be a nicer person, so when I saw a man not clean up after his dog on Friday, I decided to write an email. It seems smarter to let the apartment complex handle it. And sometimes, I will say things, and they come out a lot harsher than I mean them to, so I decided to zip my lip.

The apartment complex provides bags for people to clean up after their pets in numerous places. Plastic grocery bags are great too! Anytime I take my dog outside, I grab a bag, just in case she poops. I have a bag in my house, where I keep all my plastic grocery bags. IF I’m out of bags when I take the dog out, I go and grab one of the bags the apartment provides, just in case. If I don’t need it at that moment, I take it in and put it with my plastic grocery bag collection. THIS way, I always have a bag handy.

It’s just not that difficult! I don’t know if people are lazy, or just don’t care, but it’s annoying me.  Does this make anyone else crazy? Is it just me? Totally over it!  I know at some apartment complexes, they will run DNA tests on the dog poop to identify the breed of dog. That seems a bit much, but I’m guessing it helps keep the areas clean.

Happy New Year! Hoping 2019 will be all about keeping the grounds clean!