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Godparent "Proposals" Will Be A 2019 Trend

When you hear the word "proposal" you probably think of the act that someone does when they ask another person to marry them...but in 2019 that definition is going to morph.

In the past, the word proposal was reserved mostly for when someone asked someone else to marry them. In the last few years, prom-proposals have become a trend and there's going to be a new proposal type trend for 2019.

Godparent proposals.

Pinterest put out the top trends for 2019 report and "godparent proposals" are up 152%.

If you're like us, then right about now you're thinking to yourself..."What exactly is a godparent proposal?"

Don't worry - we already had the question, so now we have the answer for you! It's a cute and creative away for moms and dads to ask loved ones to be godparents to their newborn. There are even godparent proposal mugs, ornaments, glasses, cards with bracelets, and even onesies that will do the asking for you. Etsy shops have pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to personalized godparent proposal ideas.