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January 2nd, 2019 came and went and when it was over, pop culture had lost 3 influential icons.

If you heard the names one by one you may react by saying “who”?…but depending on your age, I can tell you that you have been impacted by them or their legacy in some small way.

If you were around in the 70’s, you listened to The Captain & Tenille. Daryl Dragon was married to Toni Tenille and they had a string of hits for A&M records. His trademarks was the captain’s hat and he was the songwriter and keyboard player while she was the voice. Mean Gene Okerland was the ring announcing voice of the WWF whose larger than life booming voice was the signature of the sport in the 80’s and made his as much of a star as the wrestlers he introduced. Bob Einstein has a famous brother. Can you see the resemblance? Albert Brooks, the comedian/actor was Bob’s more famous brother. Since Einstein is their real last name, his brother would have been “Albert Einstein” so you can see why Albert came up with Brooks as his performance last name.

Click the names below for info on these folks that will definitely be missed.


Daryl Dragon         “Mean Gene” Okerland                 “Super Dave Osborne”